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This Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla Cheesecake Tart is a heavenly combination of two classic desserts. Our tart shell is filled with a delicious brownie mixture and a creamy vanilla cheesecake mix, which are swirled together and baked in the oven. Every bite is packed with chocolatey goodness and a smooth, creamy texture that you won't be able to resist. Try it today and experience the deliciousness of this incredible tart.

Enjoy this warmed in the oven with ice-cream or on its own.

Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla Cheesecake Tart - price per 4

  • All tarts have a minimum order quantity of 4.


    Store in the fridge, remove 30 minutes before serving to bring to room temp.


    Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Treenuts

    Halaal friendly

    **Each tart is approximately 8cm


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