Deaf Community in

South Africa

Deafness is not a disability. It is a different human experience made up of a much wider community than just Deaf people. This Deaf Culture is a celebration of unity, which includes family members of Deaf people, sign-language interpreters and anyone else who in some way identifies with the Deaf Community. 


Through I Love Coffee we hope to build a bridge that connects hearing and Deaf people, exposing each to the other’s culture and worlds. We do this by serving coffee, because actions speak louder than words.




I Love Coffee opened its doors in June 2016, dedicated to becoming one of the country’s leading artisanal roasted coffee suppliers, and committed to achieving this by being a force of positive change for the Deaf in South Africa. 


Finding Common Ground

Everyone loves coffee. It engages our senses, whether hearing or Deaf, providing us with a shared experience through common ground, and what better common ground, than ground coffee.


Cultivating culture by the cupful

Our cafes look and operate just like any other specialist eatery with one big difference. We don’t just serve coffee, we also serve the community… specifically, the Deaf Community. By partnering with us, your business can make a significant contribution towards creating Deaf employment, facilitating the creation of an environment that inspires human connection.


Merging two worlds into one. Corporate Partners help us grow the I Love Coffee network by procuring coffee, food services or trained Deaf. And more jobs mean societal and economic integration for the Deaf community.


We work with corporate donors and facilitate the flow of funding to grow our supply chain capabilities, allowing us to train and employ more Deaf people.