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Our mission is to promote Deaf employment, by showcasing the many contributions the Deaf can make to the success of an organisation. Ultimately, we’d like to see a network of corporate and retail cafes throughout the world.
- Gary Hopkins

Corporate Cafés are more than coffee shops or staff canteens. They are hubs of work, study and activity. Places where your staff can be more deeply engaged in their work, directly impacting on productivity and innovation. I Love Coffee Corporate Cafés are the heart of an organisation, providing a location and the right atmosphere for staff to collaborate and also, in the spirit of togetherness, to meaningfully interact with our Deaf staff. Breaking down barriers and building bridges. 



The Non-Subsidised I Love Coffee Corporate Café operates as a regular Coffee Shop on premises. In this model, staff visit the I Love Coffee Corporate Café and pay regular (competitive) prices for coffee and food, as they would at any other coffee shop. 


A Subsidised I Love Coffee Corporate Café provides employees with coffee and food at discounted rates, the balance being paid for by their Employer. This model provides a strong incentive for staff to not go off-site for their caffeine fix, but to rather stay at the office.


I Love Coffee’s Full-Subsidised model provides a qualified Barista on-site as well as a selection of eats and coffee. In this option staff do not have to pay anything as the Employer takes care of all associated costs, understanding that it is an investment into corporate culture.  


Benefits of Partnering with us.

  • Social Impact


  • Supplier Network

  • Staff Engagement

  • ESG investing and CSR


Give your BEE Scorecard a caffeine boost!

I Love Coffee is a registered Level 1 B-BBEE Non-Profit Company and functions as a funding and training arm for black-owned EME is structured to access grant and loan funding.  In return for funding your company earns valuable B-BBEE scorecard points.


Enterprise Development (ED)
Monetary or non-monetary contributions with the objective of contributing to the development, sustainability, financial and operational independence of an SME.

Skills Development (SD)

Monetary contributions towards accredited skills training of Deaf youth.

Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD)

The provision of new or extended contracts within a given supply chain to substantially increase the revenue stream to the ED beneficiary.

Preferential Procurement

The Company provides 24 points (including 2 bonus points) out of the full 27 points under procurement

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