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Our Roastery

We roast our beans in Cape Town using a Prodat Ug22 roaster that was manufactured in 1968 and restored to her artisan glory.

Our head roaster Mike Morritt-Smith has almost 20 years coffee experience and helped establish Truth Coffee, which The Telegraph voted the best coffee shop in the world.


Our 100% Arabic Coffee

Our beans are sourced from Africa, Asia and South America.

We named our coffees after the kinds of love identified by the ancient Greeks.

Agape [aga-pay] is the highest love, perfect and unconditional. In our house blend you'll discover delicious and complex tones of fruits, florals, chocolates and nuts.


Pragma is everlasting love. Our single origin decaffeinated bean delivers milder flavours for those who love coffee without its energy boost.

Mania is obsessive love. For the coffee purist our single origin bean evokes flavours that reflect specific growing conditions and is harvested from one area in a single season.

Available as beans or grounds in 1kg or 250g pack sizes.

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