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The goal of the Data Science Course in Mumbai is to provide students with the knowledge and hands-on experience with important technologies like R, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark. Our students will obtain competency in disciplines such as data analytics, statistical computing, k-means clustering, and R programming as a result of the integrated course.

DevOps works in tandem with Agile software development, as numerous parts of DevOps are derived from the Agile methodology. FITA Academy is noted for its hands-on teaching methods that allow students to obtain real-world experience with competing technology. MNC personnel provide training to give students real-world company experience.

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FITA Academy offers interactive instructor-led Live Online AWS Training sessions conducted by Real-Time Professionals. AWS Online Course courses that have been expertly developed to meet the needs of today's global economy. A curriculum was developed with the goal of providing complete knowledge of AWS's numerous computing services. Hands-on training using the live AWS Cloud Platform and a real-world project to gain a comprehensive grasp of the AWS Cloud Platform.

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Dot Net is a well-known network framework that provides particular instructions for creating various applications. The spectrum of programs available ranges from mobile to windows, each providing aid for a certain task. The Dot Net framework can be used with a variety of programming languages also for a variety of development projects. Students interested in working within the development field may find the course useful. FITA Academy's Dot Net training is dedicated to providing participants with comprehensive practical sessions.

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The Graphic Design Courses in Trivandrum will train you in the principles of graphic design, including image creation, typography, composition, and color theory, as well as the foundational skills that apply to all fields of graphic design. They must also be knowledgeable in print and web production to be skilled in several visual communication, layout, and presentation technologies.

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